The Ethical Brands That Should Be On Your Radar
Style | 2021-03-19T12:15:44

The Ethical Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

The deplorable conditions under which garment workers operate are condemnable and it needs to stop. The workers are subjected to long hours, hazardous work environments, and paid less than minimum wage. The fast fashion industry, however, continues to exploit the cheap labour in second and third world countries to satisfy the colossal demand for ‘cheap’ clothes. The culture of fast fashion has appalled consequences not for the environment, but also on human lives. The recent incident of millions of garment workers left unpaid by big fashion labels since the start of the COVID pandemic, leaving millions of workers vulnerable to food insecurity, and economic stress. The disruption of global supply chains has burdened these workers further into poverty. The moral obligation of those at the top of the economic ladder is to protect the most vulnerable and guard the well-being of their workers. Brands like JCPenney, Balmain, American Eagle Outfitters, Kohl’s, Oscar de la Renta, Sears, Walmart, Topshop, Esprit, and more have been named on WRC’s “Hunger in the Apparel Supply Chain” report as those who have not made any commitment to pay its workers in Bangladesh and other countries in full for orders completed and in production. The pandemic has opened the Pandora box revealing the huge power imbalance in the fashion industry and the cavalier attitudes of conglomerates towards factory workers.

The disdainful treatment of the environment and its resources is another reason why fast fashion isn’t a sustainable approach. As consumers, we are being increasingly conscious of our carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on the environment. If you are looking towards a shift to an ethical wardrobe as an alternative to fashion brands, this list is for you. These slow fashion brands are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, and they should be on your radar.

Top ethical brands:

  • Kuwaii– Kuwaii is one of Australia’s completely transparent fashion brands. Kuwaii’s aesthetic is all about minimal, classic silhouettes, and simple detailing. The slow fashion brand makes clothes to order with a focus on the quality of the fabric and less time design. The brand promotes locally made garments from sustainably sourced fabrics like silk, cotton, and linens. Kuwaii offers its customers feminine designs in beautiful patterns and colours that flatter any body type. The label has expanded its line to include shoes made from stock leather remnants.
  • Milk and Thistle– Milk and Thistle have another ethical Australian brand that is becoming well known for its modern take on classic silhouettes. The brand produces clothes from locally sourced natural fibres. The collections are created in small batches to avoid waste. Milk and Thistle make high quality, easy-fit, daily wearable clothes that are printed and made in Australia.
  • Everlane– Everlane offers modern wardrobe essentials that would fit into everyone’s closet. The brand partners with only ethical factories globally, source their materials sustainably and even disclose the true cost of their products to the consumers. Everlane takes transparency very seriously. They ensure that the factories they collaborate with are audited and paying the workers fair wages and hours. Everlane’s team is not focused on following the latest trends Instead, they pursue fewer time silhouettes that will go the distance.
  • Mother of Pearl– London based brand Mother of Pearl creates effortlessly chic outfits. The brand is established on the four pillars of sustainability- environment, social responsibility, complete transparency, and animal welfare. The brand does not compromise on its ethical obligations. Mother of Pearl gives its customers full disclosure of the entire process of production of each garment. They use sustainable fabrics like TENCEL, organic wool, and organic cotton for their collections.
  • Lois Hazel– Melbourne based label Lois Hazel is committed to sustainable and ethical practices. The label’s each collection is made with deadstock and organic fabrics in Brunswick, Melbourne. The collections are contemporary, multifunctional, and easy fit, perfect for everyday wear. Lois Hazel is committed to reducing waste, and increasing transparency in the entire supply chain.
  • Cue Clothing– The label has been around since 1968. The Australian brand has evolved to meet the needs of modern-day shoppers. Cue Clothing is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. The pieces of their collections are modern, timeless, and easy to wear; made from luxurious materials. The label has been known to hold long-standing relationships with manufacturers while being ethically conscious. The combination of being the largest retailer in Australia and an ethical label makes Cue Clothing a fashion favourite.