Millennials Are Revenge Shopping. Here’s A Guide To What To Invest In For Your Next Shopping Trip
Style | 2021-04-16T13:49:34

Millennials Are Revenge Shopping. Here’s A Guide To What To Invest In For Your Next Shopping Trip

Post-confinement revenge shopping is a real phenomenon. When China lifted the lockdown, people indulged in shopping sprees to compensate for the time lost in home confinement. Luxury brands enjoyed a rebound from the slump they experienced during the lockdown. E-commerce sites and retail stores are stocking up to meet the flood of post lockdown shopping expeditions. 

As consumers adjust to the new “norm” and return to their daily routines, they too will visit restaurants, gyms, arcades, and attractions. All in the name of celebrating their regained freedom. And the spending surge helps them celebrate their freedom and blow away the gloom of the pandemic. Here is a list of clothing items you should invest in before you start heading out in the world again:

  • Velvet dress– Nothing captures the celebratory spirit quite like a beautiful velvet outfit. The soft material is cosy enough to wear while curled up on the couch but appropriately festive for any outdoor gathering. And as we close out a bizarre and disruptive year, this plush fabric feels more satisfying than ever. Velvet dresses are simultaneously on-trend and timeless, and their fabrication not only makes a statement but is also wonderfully practical in keeping you warm on chilly nights. A kimono-style velvet dress is a sophisticated option for any party. Pair with high boots for a wintery look. Go bold in red velvet to make a statement. A Peter Pan collar instantly makes a velvet dress playful. Pair with strappy stilettos to elevate the look.
  • Sequin dress– Sequin dresses are all the sparkle you need to beat the Monday blues. Sequins are associated with having fun with dressing up. A sequin wrap dress is perfect for a night out on the town. It’s sophisticated, classy, and adds a sparkle to your personality. If you are unsure of wearing head to toe sequins then just one sequin element, like a belt and clutch with a wrap dress, can create a wow factor for your evening wear. A sequin sweater can be a great piece to wear for a winter night out. If you are home with friends and family, you can wear a pair of jeans and your sequin sweater and still look very stylish and festive, without having to wear anything too formal. The idea of sequin pants is an alternative to dresses. You can wear it with a white silk shirt and black sandals, and let the pants be the statement piece of the outfit. A sequin skirt is a more versatile piece for a closet than a sequin dress as it’s easier to dress up or down. You could wear a beautiful silk camisole with the sequin skirt and finish off your outfit with a pair of chandelier earrings for the evening.
  • Little black dress– LBD can never go wrong with making a style statement. Though the idea of LBD can be a little cliché still the black dress can dazzle and drizzle sexiness. No one can go wrong with this statement piece and if you still want some comfort, jumpsuits are there for the rescue. The head-to-toe, all-in-one garment creates a striking look that moves beyond a simple dress or pants and top combo, and into more fashionable territories. A little black dress when paired with a macramé style looks fabulous on any woman. Especially for a winter fashion look, nothing could be more trendsetting than a crew-neck or short turtleneck dress. With a bit of sheer detailing of lace, net or macramé, you can be a fashionista. For a sizzling party look, try a bodycon dress. A bodycon dress is the best way to elevate your figure. In spring and summer, you can go with more revealing options like an off the shoulder style, a strappy neckline and above all a sleeveless bodycon dress. For women who want to pull off a little black dress without being too revealing, a lacey trim skirt is a great option. It offers a boho appeal. You can pair this short lace dress with any type of top. In summer, this could be any lacy or strappy top and in winter a baggy turtleneck would be the best option. The addition of a cropped leather jacket to your jumpsuit will make you look and feel like a total rock star. Try it with a neutral hue jumpsuit for a softer feminine feel or go bold with black-on-black styling for an incredibly edgy evening look. Master the oversized coat trend by adding one to your winter daytime look. Completely transform your jumpsuit into a street style fashion hit with a voluminous oversized coat while remaining functional and warm during a cold winter’s day. Jumpsuits should not be feared but seen as a great transitional piece of clothing that can easily be modified to suit all seasons of the year. Dress your jumpsuit up or down with the use of clever layering techniques and appropriate accessorising to suit the tone of your occasion.