How Nightwear Has Become The New Dress Code For Parties This Year!
Fashion | 2022-02-05T09:43:48

How Nightwear Has Become The New Dress Code For Parties This Year!

Is wearing nightwear to a party or a tracksuit to a show, really acceptable?

As a result of the COVID-19, we’ve spent a fair share of days spent in our pyjama. If sleepwear is your favorite wardrobe staple, we’ve got some good news for you! Now fashion has turned into comfort so you can wear your jammies as a regular outfit. Zendaya, Kate Beckinsale, and Whitney Port have all been spotted out in public and even at events wearing pyjamas (or at least ensembles that resemble pyjamas).

As comfort is a priority for people, nightwear is a new normal in the fashion industry.

Nightwear is not just restricted to the home

We’ve spent the majority of 2021 on the couch, with only sporadic peeks into our former closets. With a dinner here and a party there, we’re slowly but steadily dusting off the cobwebs (literal and sartorial). Sitting in sweatpants and working from home taught us an important lesson that comfort has power.

Shapeless T-shirts and baggy trackie bottoms are no longer appropriate for a quiet evening or a lazy Sunday morning. There are a growing number of sleepwear brands that promise comfort, style, and convenience. Pyjama-style clothing is no longer limited to home as it’s gaining more popularity on the runways by the fashion divas.

Though this trend has been around for a while, with a few retailers offering a variety of styles at first, there has recently been a noticeable increase in retailers adding loungewear to their offering. Nonetheless, the eventual push was led by celebrities, like Rita Ora, Rihanna, Millie Mackintosh, Kate Moss, Fearne Cotton, Russell Brand, Colin Farrell, and others taking this laid-back approach to the streets.

Some nightwear brands to go for the new party dress code!

There is no better investment in flaunty nightwear, whether it’s for you to lounge around all Christmas, to gift a loved one, or to attend pajama parties. This new comfort style has something for everyone, whether you like silky button-up separates, beautiful towel robes, or lovely cotton nighties.

  • Belgian: Check out Belgian label Bernadette for super high-end, statement sleepwear. It has a great selection of slinky silk pyjamas and robes that have been spotted by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen.
  • Desmond & Dempsey: Desmond & Dempsey creates sleepwear that is as stylish as your favorite party gown. Although the label’s cotton pyjama sets can be worn outside, the goal is for you to feel special going to bed and lounging around, as well as feeling comfortable and happy. The USP combines traditional and crisp British nightwear silhouettes with a relaxed and playful Australian vibe. 
  • Orchard Moon: Orchard Moon, a London-based sleepwear brand, has a lot to offer. To begin with, sustainability is a priority for the company, with eco-friendly materials and ethical sourcing. In terms of fitting, the collections feature a variety of flattering silhouettes. Finally, beautiful hand-painted prints inspired by nature adorn each piece. 
  • Olivia Von Halle: The designer launched her eponymous label in 2011 with the goal of creating glamorous silk pyjamas inspired by Coco Chanel’s sleepwear from the 1920s. Her classic nightshirts, bathrobes, and slip dresses are just as comfortable for evening parties as they are for bedtime.
  • Tekla: Tekla, a sustainable lifestyle brand based in Copenhagen, has recently released unisex sleepwear that embodies the brand’s signature functional yet thoughtful aesthetic. These are pajamas that will make you feel truly cozy, from airy classic poplin sets to warm flannel styles.
  • Yawn: Yawn strives to create nightwear that feels comfy and encourages you to unwind and relax. Pyjamas, nightdresses, nightshirts, and sleep socks, all with hand-drawn prints and super-comfy materials, are available from the label. One of our favorites is the playful bums and roses print, which was inspired by Hampstead Heath’s women’s pond.


Fashion now has become more flexible and we have realized that it’s very important to be more comfortable. This emerging fashion trend has given people more choices to choose among different styles. As comfortable dressing has become the new normal, people are preferring nightwear as a dress code for all occasions!